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The Penryn PTC represents all Penryn Elementary families. Our core purpose is to work closely with teachers and the school principal to enhance our students’ school experience and to raise funds for the school to support the following areas: 

The PTC specifically sponsors these annual school events:

Your membership and involvement contribute to our ability to make things happen! The PTC is open to everyone, and we invite you to join us and be part of the decisions that will affect all students and families!

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Meet The Board

President: Michelle Benner - president@penrynptc.com

Vice President: Tina Pourfathi - vicepresident@penrynptc.com

Secretary: Claire DeCamp - secretary@penrynptc.com

Treasurer: Jessica Willson - treasurer@penrynptc.com

Room Mom Coordinator: Halley Crandell - roomparent@penrynptc.com

Website/Social Media Manager: Halley Crandell - web@penrynptc.com